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Digital Vatican Library

Digital Vatican Library : DigiVatLib is a digital library service. It provides free access to the Vatican Library’s digitized collections: manuscripts, incunabula, archival materials and inventories as well as graphic materials, coins and medals, printed materials (special projects). DigiVatLib is based on the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) technology, making digital materials easily accessible and usable. DigiVatLib provides the following facilities: - Display functions: The viewer is able to zoom, browse and ‘turn pages’ of JPEG2000 images as well as allow scholars to compare digital objects from different IIIF repositories of other digital libraries. - Search and discovery collections: Descriptions and bibliographic references from the online catalogues are indexed and linked to digital materials. The guided navigation (‘faceted search’) leverages metadata elements for narrowing or refining queries. An enhancement of search functions is scheduled for the next release. - Digital galleries: Selected Manuscripts – a selection of digitized materials from the most significant manuscripts. Latest Digitized Manuscripts – a gallery of the latest 20 digitized codices. - News: Information and current events concerning the digitization project of the Vatican Library.