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Cagayan State University

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  • Books, if enough copies are available, may be borrowed from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM for overnight use.
  • A student is entitled to borrow just one (1) book for overnight use but it must be returned before 9:00 AM the following day.
  • Books should be reexamine by the circulation librarian before being borrowed; and ensure that the material is in good condition. Hence, any damage upon return of the book is the responsibility of the borrower.
  • If a student fails to return the book within the specified period, a fine of five pesos (Php 5.00) per hour will be charged. A fraction of an hour thereof shall be considered as one hour.
  • Lost books must be replaced with the exact copy of it. The current value of the lost material plus a processing fee will be assessed if replacement is not obtainable.
  • Tearing and or mutilating of a book requires total replacement.
  • Books of single copy, periodicals, reference materials and special collections are for library room use only but it may be borrowed for photocopy.
  • Theses and dissertations are for library room use only.


  • Browsing of youtube, facebook and other social networking sites are strictly prohibited unless it is really intended for research or educational purposes.
  • Each student is entitled to utilize the e-library for a total of fifty (50) hours per semester and twenty five (25) hours during summer classes.
  • Printing charges per page is three pesos (Php 3.00) for A4 size bond paper and four pesos (Php 4.00) for long bond paper.
  • Student who will be caught browsing porn and other prohibited sites is subject to disciplinary action. A user committing multiple such offense will be provisionally banned from using the e-library for the rest of the semester.